Monday, May 14, 2012

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I had some typical six year old girl answers: ballerina, gymnast, and world savior.  I am grown up now, 32 to be exact, and if you ask that same question I will tell you that all I ever really want to be is a good mom.  That is hard to believe, especially today with the open opportunities for women, and wide variety of powerful jobs to pursue.  In fact, most of my friends are after those wonderful positions, and I occasionally get jealous that I do not want that.  What I want is to raise children with my whole heart, cook healthy meals, and believe it or not, keep a nice neat home.  I want to watch my family grow together from young and spirited to older and experienced.  I want to say that we worked hard in the beginning, so that we can sit back and relax later.
These ideas all sound like every ending to a Brady Bunch re-run, and I admit that I do not usually share my dreams with others because I know how it sounds.  It is an awkward generation to say your dreams are the same as those that lived before you.  Although I might sometimes share some aspirations of a woman from years ago, I do not intend to iron my bed-sheets.   I truly enjoy the work I do, and feel fortunate to be able to say that.
Now that you have wasted at least a minute of your life reading my rant, I guess you are wondering what this blog is about, so I will spend the next minute telling you.
Being a homemaker is work, and I am here to share my ideas, creations, thoughts, and inventions.  From quick and easy recipes, to cleaning tips, ways to budget, parenting tips that work for me and how to's.  I will start with one of my favorite weeknight recipes:

The Frittata

8 eggs
2 tbls of milk/cream/half & half/or sour cream
half an onion
veggies of your choice (ex: spinach, peas, brocoli, zucchini)
meat (optional)
salt and pepper
1/2 cup of cheese
2 tbls healthy oil (olive, canola etc)

Heat oil in a large skillet.  Chop onion and add to hot pan.  Saute about two minutes.  Meanwhile, whisk eggs, milk or other dairy product, salt and pepper.  Set aside.  Add the veggies and meat if using.  If the veggies are raw, cook until tender.  If they are frozen or leftovers, cook until warm.  Add the egg mixture.  Cover and cook on medium low heat until the bottom of the eggs are set, about ten minutes.

Turn on the broiler to high.

Uncover the pan, and top eggs with cheese.  Place pan in oven for about three minutes, until the top of the eggs are cooked, and the cheese is melted.


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