Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Purely Sappy, Extra Corny

I am a naturally positive person, and I sometimes wonder if I ever annoy anyone with my attitude.  I can find the good in almost anything, and can always make myself smile.  I am giddy, energetic, and goofy, which at my age can be quite ridiculous (not that I plan on changing, sorry Babe)!

Besides my perky disposition; I am also a dreamer, emotional, and sentimental.  I copy inspirational quotes from a book I have onto the dry erase board on my refrigerator .  I write poetry, and love listening to the lyrics of songs.  I read memoirs because I love people, and I can find the good in everyone.

So here I am rambling on about myself, and I bet you are wondering the topic of this post.  I am giving you a list of some reasons I love life.  Now I am guessing you want to know why.  Well, for one, there is probably at least one love we share, and if not, I bet I can at least get you to think of something.  It is nice to remember things we love, for no other reason than to smile, and reminisce.  Our days are usually ridiculous, busy, stressful, and chaotic.  I am writing this so that for the few minutes it takes you to read this post, you can do nothing but think of something you love and hopefully, smile.

  •   Cool showers on hot summer days, and warm showers on cold winter days
  •   The beach
  •   The smell of coffee first thing in the morning
  •   Playing in the snow
  • . The accomplishment you feel after finishing a good book
  •   Getting together with friends
  •   Days when the weather is your own perfection (for me, that is sunny and 70 degrees!)
  •  There is a good quote to fit whatever mood you are in
  •   A favorite song being played on the radio when you are driving alone (I totally sing and dance by myself)
  •  Seeing my daughter  finally do something she has been practicing for a while
  • Going for a walk on a trail
  • Cooking good food
  • Finding a great new workout DVD
  • Getting cozy at night
  • Hugs
  • Ice-cream
  • Chick-flicks
  • Hammocks
  • Having people to love


  1. Also: Snuggling with a furry pet!
    Snagging a great bargain.
    Eating delicious food.
    Being told that someone loves you!

  2. Aw! Chocolate should have its own category as well!