Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My blog is mostly recipes, some useful parenting advice, and money saving tips.  I am an educated stay at home mom who likes to share information, and blogging is my means.  Though I usually write about the aforementioned categories, every once in a while I like to write freely.  My writing roots began in poetry, and I often find myself going back there.  I also proclaim to be a chick flick junkie, and flowers and candlelight dinners are a guilty pleasure.  Today, I wrote the following non-rhyming poem for pure pleasure:

Love is an overwhelmingly amazing emotion.
It includes so much,
to fully describe it is near impossible.
With love comes enormous strength,
but also a deep weakness.
Love makes one blissfully happy,
yet incredibly sad.
With love one can be elated and carefree,
or sick with worry.
An all encompassing feeling,
it can make you do things you never dreamed possible.
Love is not easy;
it opens the heart to every hope, dream, fear, and truth.
It leads to self discovery, awareness, and improvement.
Shaping who you are,
and learning who you are not.
Love is very different for everyone,
yet so simply similar.
It is silly and serious, calm and excited, loud and serene.
Creating boundaries,
and setting one free.
Love is finding the best in yourself,
and showing it to others.
Blind and also sighted,
it sees parts no one knew existed.
Love takes courage, beauty, and honor.
Love is all.

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