Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Being a mother is a gift I treasure,
 the importance of lifework I cannot measure.
 Teaching the values and morals I believe in,
 hoping she can form her own system of reason. 
Growing and changing,
 improving herself,
 loving her body and enjoying good health. 
Being kind and forgiving,
yet not before self. 
Shaping a person that can be courageous,
 standing up for ideas,
to believe in oneself. 
To encourage dreams and the ethics of work,
to support all their faults as much as it hurts. 
To help them stand up when it’s easier to fall,
 to take a step back,
 but be there if they call. 
To watch from afar,
yet be by their side,
 to tell them you’re proud as long as they try.
Celebrate accomplishments, and learn from failures,
to take the lessons from mistakes,
to stay out of danger. 
To first learn to love and try not to hate,
 to see all the good,
to try and relate. 
To lead by example,
to learn from each other,
to take the high road because I am the mother. 
Love her entirely without any reserve;
give her the respect and life she deserves. 
Make sure she knows how proud I am;
tell her I love her as much as I can.

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