Monday, February 9, 2015

Is it already February?

I am flabbergasted that it is almost my husband's birthday at the end of February.  Wasn't it just the holiday season yesterday?  I feel like I should still be shopping for Christmas and Hanukah presents when in actuality we will probably be seeing St. Patrick's Day decor in Walmart by tomorrow!

This time warp is extra fascinating this year because that means I have been true to my New Year's Resolutions for well over a month...I am impressed.  First, I had way too many resolutions for 2015 for no apparent reason other than the fact that I guess I needed to add more things to my "to do" lists? Well for whatever reason I made a bunch of resolutions and I have been very good about adhering to my personal improvement agenda.

1.  Get my girl ready for school in a calm and positive manner.  This one was numero uno on my list.  I was literally hating myself and the morning in my house.  Granted, I was still up all night with insomniac baby, but that is no excuse.  It is not my pre-schooler's fault that I am tired and cranky.  I was getting so impatient trying to get a slow moving four year old ready and the guilt was making me miserable.  That is not the mom I had set out to be so I changed it.  And simply put, I made a rule: "There is no yelling allowed."  Sounds silly and simple but I am a rule follower so this simple strategic motto is actually working for me.  I am just "not allowed" to raise my voice.  Instead I remember that really the worst thing that could possibly happen is that we will be late and miraculously that has not yet happened.

2.  Use heavier weights when I go to Jazzercise of Clinton for my workouts.  I have been exercising for fifteen years with the same 5lb weights.  Me, the self proclaimed fitness guru, the girl who knows something about every type of workout on the market, the lady who exercises on vacation...How have I let myself get away with this?  The golden rule of the exercise plateau,..change your routine.  So anyway, yeh I went up to an amazing 6 lbs lol :)

3.  Get dressed and put on some make up everyday.  OK, so I have slacked a little here, but I have improved and that is the point.  Not that I was wearing my pajamas everyday in 2014, but being a stay at home mom does lead to some degree of jean phobia.  I wore my sweatpants more than I like to admit. Every now and then we all deserve to lay around in jammies all day with a good book and a cozy blanket, but I do believe that you feel how you dress.  When I put "real" clothes on and take a few extra minutes to apply blush and mascara I feel different.  I tend to accomplish more and I feel better about myself.  This resolution was not a self centered appearances are everything kind of improvement.  It was more that I deserve to take the time to feel good.  I spend the rest of the day doing everything for my family, the extra time to take care of myself is a great way to begin the process of caring for others.

4.  Last to be listed but probably the most important; communicate better with my husband.  Ah, the foundation of a good marriage: talk to each other.  Sounds so easy.  Then  comes the long work week, the endless cycle of caring for children, busy weekends, tired weeknights, and much less time to spend with your beloved.  It is quite ironic that when you first start dating, there is less to talk about and so much more time to talk.  Once you become a family there are constantly issues that need to be discussed and finding the time to communicate with one another almost becomes a chore.  So sad.  But if you believe in something enough, you make sure it happens.  No excuses.  I love talking to my husband anyway, he is a great listener.  Being too tired is a terrible excuse, if I have something to say, it must be said.  Would I rather wake up 20 years from now and realize that we are suddenly complete strangers with no kids around as a buffer?  Definitely not.  So, I will not wait until the one night every few months we are lucky enough to have a date night.  That is not enough.  Say something to my husband every single day, so far, mission accomplished.

I don't want to get too ahead of myself.  It is only the second week of February.  But I am off to a great start .  But if you catch me at Shop rite with my sweats on, well hey, they are comfy!

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