Thursday, June 14, 2012

How To Exercise With Your Baby

It has been said over and over, you should exercise while your baby naps. Sometimes that just does not work, so after spending some frustrating thirty minute sessions with my workout DVD’s, I came up with this list of exercises you CAN do with your baby. I have tested them all myself, and they work. I get my exercise, and my daughter absolutely loves all of these activities!
Put your baby in the stroller and go for a walk or a run. If you are feeling really ambitious, put your baby in an infant carrier and you have added weight.
Put on your favorite song playlist, and dance with your baby. Make sure you have enough songs to last at least thirty minutes.
My favorite-push ups! Lie your baby down on his/her back. Get into push up position, either on your knees, or all the way up on your toes. Your baby should be directly beneath you. Bend your elbows and bring your body down towards your baby. Each time you go down toward the floor, kiss one side of your baby’s cheek!
Weighted crunches-Lie down on your back with your knees bent; hold your baby on your chest. Lift up halfway, abs tight, and your arms outreached and holding your baby’s waist. Bring your baby side to side; having his/her feet lightly touch the floor.
Lower Abs-Lie flat on your back, legs together, and knees bent. Place your baby's stomach on your legs, directly below your knees. Hold on to your baby; I like to hold my daughter's hands. Bring your knees in towards your chest, then lower back down without touching the floor.
Arm workout-Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your lower back touching the floor. Hold your baby with bent arms right at your chest. Extend your arms straight up lifting your baby into the air directly above your chest, and then slowly bring your baby back down.

Choose one of the cardio sessions from above. Then, do each move 10-12 times, 2 sets each. If you do not have time to complete all of the moves at once, space them out throughout your day. Make sure you can do each move on your own before you try it with your baby!

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