Friday, September 5, 2014

It happened to Us

We are now a family of four, and the inevitable finally happened to us:

My older daughter got sick.  She had a nasty virus for over a week.  She could not sleep which means Mommy and Daddy could not sleep.

At the tail end of my daughter being sick, it was transferred to me, the Mom.  My daughter is still coughing all night, so we do not sleep.

My daughter is better, and so is Mom, but now the baby has something and she could not sleep.  Mom does not sleep.

We are on the third week of being awake ALL the time at my house.  By week two I came up with some ways to get through the days:

1.  Pretend that you actually slept very well.  This mind over matter trick works wonders until about 3pm!

2.  Enjoy the spaced out feeling - it is like you are back in college, it makes you feel young-YAY!


4.  Loud music, very loud music.

5.  Partake in the ice bucket challenge.

6.  Tell your kids you really want to watch that show with them again, then fall asleep watching it.

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