Monday, September 8, 2014

What I Have Learned As An Adult

My older daughter started preschool today with the excitement of a young and eager learner.  I listened to her new teacher as she told us about show and tell, the letter of the week, and the many projects that young children use to explore the world. Even the teachers had the first day disposition of excited preschoolers as they shared their expectations of our young ones.

Driving home from the school this afternoon, I had that natural high that follows a wonderfully eventful morning.  I am ready to admire all of my child's art work and letter tracing and share my love of learning with her as we begin our school year.

My daughter is very young, turning four in the beginning of November.  She has two decades of schooling ahead of her.  With the start of her academic life, I thought it only proper to share with you the things I have learned recently, in my adult life:

  • The perfect hard boiled egg is simmered gently for 11 minutes.
  • Exercise is very important, but sometimes lunch with your bestie is more important.
  • Do something for yourself every day.
  • You are NEVER too old to climb around on playground equipment with your kids.
  • No matter how many "new mom" articles I read about ignoring the laundry, I know that cannot happen.
  • Toxic relationships are just that, TOXIC.  
  • Children exhibit very frightening symptoms when they have the every day virus.
  • You will not treasure every single moment of parenthood.
  • You can learn as much from a child as you can learn from an adult.

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